There are more than 350,000 ‘hit and run accidents’ in the UK every year and most victims find themselves in doubt about how to seek compensation for any injuries or losses that they have suffered. Any claim for compensation … A hit and run compensation claim can be made if you have been the victim of a road traffic accident and the driver at fault left the scene. Being involved in a road accident is bad enough, but it is even worse when the responsible driver breaks the law by fleeing the scene without providing their details. We cover PPI to Employment law, Visit to learn more While in some cases the drivers involved will be identified, even if the driver is never traced, you may still be able to claim compensation for your injuries. The hit and run insurance compensation is paid out from a Solatium Fund. Getting compensation after a crash. Ways you may be able to … While many people assume they cannot make a claim in this situation, the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) is an organisation whose role is to ensure that hit-and-run victims may be compensated. Criminal liability of a hit and run accident may run the gamut from misdemeanor charges to felony charges, depending on the situation. In order to get the best possible compensation for your injuries, you may need to work with an injury attorney. As your solicitors, we would fight to ensure you are paid well for your pains and sufferings. Victims of a hit-and-run are also dealing with uninsured motorist issues. The takeaway is that if you are in an accident through no fault of your own, there is a significant possibility the other driver will not have the insurance coverage you need to pay medical expenses and … Criminal liability for hit and run accidents vary by jurisdiction and the severity of the accident. As a victim of uninsured or hit and run drivers you would need expert advice to get compensated. My insurance company paid for the repairs but would not register a no-fault claim as they were unable to recover their costs. Police responded to the scene of a deadly hit-and-run crash in Portsmouth Friday night, 13 News Now reports. If you were a pedestrian, it is likely that your injuries will be more serious. What Options Do Injured Pedestrians Have? Punishment can range from 5-10 penalty points on a driving licence, disqualification from driving, a fine of up to £5,000, or a six month prison sentence. If you were in your vehicle at the material time your injuries may be minor. A claim may also be brought on behalf of someone that has died from their injuries in such a situation. There were several witnesses but no-one got the number. Any deductibles from a hit-and-run insurance claim depend on the accident and your cover. Where Can You Obtain Compensation for Your Injuries in a Hit and Run Accident? Hit and Run Compensation. The amount of compensation you’ll be able to claim for as a victim of a hit and run can vary considerably. If you were on a bicycle or motorbike. With over 26 years' experience in pedestrian accident claims and hit and run compensation claims - plus a network of specialist personal injury solicitors - we can let you know whether you have a claim and can help you understand what the claims process involves. A hit and run is defined as when a driver is responsible for an accident and either fails to stop, or leaves the scene without providing … Hit and run accident: Discover what a hit and run accident is, why car drivers in such accidents are often uninsured or cannot be found, how to claim compensation for your injuries from the MIB and how much compensation you can claim. This hit and run insurance fund is a scheme formed by the Central Government to compensate victims of hit-and-run car accidents. Our guide explains how to claim compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) after being injured or suffering losses due to an untraced driver in a hit and run. If the driver responsible for your hit and run injuries can’t be found, you may still be able to claim compensation. Going through a hit and run road traffic accident can be traumatic and distressing. My stationary car, parked outside my house, was badly damaged by a hit-and-run driver.