If you are considering pursuing a career pertaining to Israel or the Middle East, then Israel offers an unparalleled opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of its and the region's political, social and economic dimensions. In addition, there are several tracks that are special to Israel such as Jewish History and Culture in which you get to go on trips to many fascinating sites that you can't find anywhere else in the world. See where you can study by the sea or what surprises wait for you in the desert, which institutions offer great student social life and where Nobel laureates teach. ); Educational Counseling, Learning and Instruction, Physical Education and Sports for Excluded and at Risk Communities, Education in the Era of Technological Information, and a Master’s Degree in Teaching (M. Teach). We cultivate independent learning, teamwork, critical thinking, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches. CLB offers a variety of international programs that are unique both in Israel and abroad, designed to prepare students to practice professionally globally, through academic and professional excellence as well as establishing an international network of professional connections and personal relations with top ranking professionals in their fields. Head of BA in Management of Information Systems program – Dr. Itzhak Shemer institutions for the quality of its faculty and its treatment of students. Faculty members of Braude College are engaged in both academic and applied research activities in Israel and internationally. Tel-Hai College is Israel’s leading, excellent academic institution that conducts teaching and research while serving as a growth engine for the Galilee. Head of the BSN programs – Dr. Irit Ohana The professors and teachers at JAMD are the finest in Israel and many are active internationally as highly acclaimed artists in the world of Music and Dance. The cutting-edge tracks combine religious and academic excellence and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the CHE. Your learning experience will become much more valuable by experiencing first-hand what you have studied. With several universities ranked amongst the highest in the world, excellent colleges and research institutes, Israel offers you a high quality academic experience! It is a center of attraction for both culture lovers and students. Sapir provides hundreds of housing units and dorms in neighboring kibbutzim and small cities, all contributing to a lively student life. We offer a wide range of degrees and specializations for B.Ed. Head of MA in Educational Counseling program – Dr. Dina Vardi A list of courses in English is published on our website. degree; 168 overseas students in a one year academic program in Jewish studies accredited by the college as well as by a number of United States universities and colleges. The Holon Institute of Technology was founded in 1969. This guide describes the various university & college programs in Israel. The education system consists of three tiers: primary education, middle school and high school. Software Engineering (BSc), Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel. Among the departments and courses studied at the college are Physical Therapy, Nursing, Laboratory Sciences, Social Work, Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, Literature, Art and Music, Spirituality and Mysticism, Computer Science, Special Education and Business and Criminology. The State of Israel is divided into 6 districts (Hebrew: mehozot) which are further subdivided into sub-districts (Hebrew: nafot). Bezalel has over 2000 students studying towards undergraduate degrees in: Fine Arts, Screen Based Arts, Architecture, Ceramics and Glass Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry and Fashion Design, Photography and Visual Communication. The College is pleased to announce the opening of the new Nursing Master’s Program, a historic breakthrough in the development of the College as an academic institution offering advanced degrees. The Council for Higher Education (CHE) is the responsible legal body that deals with all matters of higher education in Israel and oversees accreditations and the awarding of academic degrees. The Academic Collage of Law and Science offers degrees in Law Studies, Accounting, an interdisciplinary degree in Public Administration, Government and Law and Health Administration. Israel is located in one of the most interesting regions in the world which draws much attention worldwide. Established in 1995: BA in Humanities (Education), Law, Health Professions (Occupational Therapy, Communications Sciences and Disorders), Business Administration (majors in Marketing, Finance and the Capital Market, Information Systems and Accounting), Advertising and Marketing Communications, and Music. Scanrail1 / Shutterstock As in Finland and Norway, higher education is generally free in Sweden. Thousands of graduates attest to the nurturing and stimulating academic home they found at WGC, as they advance in their professional and academic careers. The College offers a wide variety of programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as teacher certification, 4 types of therapies, diploma studies, continuing education, and pre-academic preparatory courses. The Council for Higher Education (CHE) is the official authority for higher education in Israel and determines policy for the higher education system. degrees in Education as well as a teaching certificate. Its location mandates Tel-Hai’s mission– to produce cutting-edge academia and science of global significance and to leverage this activity to transform Israel’s northernmost periphery. Business Administration The Collage thus encourages students to combine their studies with active involvement in a range of social and community work. Israel’s Council for Higher Education has approved a $4 million research grant program to tackle the deadly coronavirus pandemic and generate a better understanding of the disease it causes. Currently Universities award Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees and are the most research-intensive institutions. IDC is committed to the fundamental values of a free and tolerant society, while maintaining a Zionist philosophy – first and foremost, freedom of the individual for self-realization in all realms of thought and action, while striving to strengthen the State of Israel, the college envisages social and human development and aspires to make its own contribution to create a better society, based on involvement and justice. in quality and reliability engineering in the electronics industry, a B.Sc. Bezalel trains and prepares its students for a life of achievement and excellence. Our programs are concentrated in three faculties: The Faculty of Education prepares students to be innovative educators and social leaders. Running schools in five academic fields as well as international collaborative initiatives and degree programs (Behavioral Sciences, Government and Society, Economics and Management, Computer Science and Nursing Science), MTA has proven its excellence for over 26 years of its operation: the College is placed among the best institutions of higher education in Israel and boasts a cadre of graduates who hold key positions in Israel and overseas. Afeka is a fountainhead for hundreds of advocates of the engineering professions in Israel and is proud to be each year the academic and professional home of: 200 lecturers and staff members who have academic and professional experience. Each department preserves the traditional knowledge, tools, materials and workshops collected over many decades, while using state-of-the-art software and cutting-edge technologies. Ruppin maintains its innovative and pioneering spirit by developing unique academic programs designed to nurture a new generation of Israeli leaders attuned to ethical, social, and environmental awareness. Facilities: Located in a beautiful rural area near the port city of Ashdod, and spanning over 50 acres, the multi-facility campus provides students with comfortable dorms, large dining halls, technically equipped classroom buildings, lecture halls, academic libraries, computer rooms, and specialized equipment, including a recording studio and science lab. Israel'… • The School of Sciences grants B.Sc. studies are divided between the School of Education and the School of Physical Education. Ono is a highly entrepreneurial institution that is taking the lead in developing innovative approaches to education. LCE aspires to lead essential change in education and society via research and pedagogical innovation. “Emuna-Efrata” – Academic College of Education for Art and Education, Founded by the Ephrata and Emuna Colleges, Givat Washington Academic College of Education. Since 2004, the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee has operated in the Jordan Valley as an institution of higher education which offers bachelor’s degree academic study programs. IsraelX is a national consortium of higher education institutions in Israel, led by the Council for Higher Education and the National Digital Ministry of Israel. The result is an atmosphere where Middle-eastern music, European classical music, Jazz and Baroque Music are all taught under one roof. The Academic College of Society and the Arts offers unique studies in Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Arts Therapies. The tracks and specializations at the college: B.Ed. Higher education plays a pivotal role in the economic and social development of the country. Sapir also has a School for Practical Engineering and Technology, a pre-academic center and a Center for External Studies. BGU is home to excellent researchers and students who hold original and innovative perspectives, alongside a social conscience and commitment to community engagement. Since the first Kibbutz farmers struck their hoes in Israeli soil, a great deal of progress has been made in the agriculture sector in Israel. Bezalel has built an international network of art and design excellence. The University of Haifa is one of Israel’s leading research universities, and is dedicated not only to academic excellence but to social responsibility as well. degree programs designed to train Jewish educators and sponsors research institutes of applied Jewish studies to serve Israeli society. Curriculums are facilitated by Israel’s leading faculty and experts and enhanced by hands-on workshops, professional internships, and unforgettable excursions throughout the country. The College is committed to core value regarding excellence in education; tolerance, sustainability and multiculturalism; social involvement; inclusion of people with various needs in the society. Today Ruppin Academic Center in one of israel’s leading colleges, with far-reaching and innovative academic programs. The Faculty of Sciences and Technology places a special emphasis on students’ scientific research experience. in Land of Israel Studies, a B.A. Due to its high academic level, it was the first non-university institution in Israel to be accredited by the Council for Higher Education to award academic degrees. Israel has a long tradition of academic excellence, boasting world class universities, colleges and research institutions. In addition, Bezalel offers graduate degrees in Fine Arts, Urban Design, Industrial Design and Policy&Theory of the Arts. Since its founding in 1978, COMAS has set the standard for higher education in Israel with over 9,500 students enrolling in ICA’s bachelor’s and master’s degree programs each year. JCT undertook the goal of training outstanding and value-oriented engineers and managers who would become a high-quality workforce in the Israeli economy. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is a public university in Haifa, Israel. The blend of cultures in its courses of study is reflective of the diverse backgrounds of its faculty and students. The college nurtures its relationships with educational supervisors, school principals, and various study track coordinators. Many historical sites of great importance to Judaism are located in Israel, including the ancient city of Jerusalem and Masada. The total number of Arab-Israeli students pursuing all forms of higher-education in Israel rose by 78.5% from 2010 to 2017. The Academic College of Society and the Arts. The university is devoted to and engaged in developing the Negev region, Israel, and the world. Almost a quarter of a century before the state came into being, the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa was opened (1924) to train engineers and architects and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was founded (1925) as a center of higher learning for youth in the Land of Israel and to attract Jewish students and scholars from … As an international student, you will be entitled to free medical insurance, professional training insurance, paid maternity leave, annual vacation and sick leave, and free visa services. A precondition is possession of the Israeli matriculation certificate ( bagrut) or its equivalent. Technion graduates and faculty are major contributors to the reputation to the “Start-Up Nation”. In Israel there are different types of higher education institutions. Duration of primary is the number of grades (years) in primary education. Founded in 1949 to provide education for Israel’s agricultural settlements the center has become a leader in social sciences, management, engineering and marine sciences. To mainstream society – providing the training, skills and support that will enable students to experience success, and equip them for upward mobility. The university encourages multi-disciplinary activities in Israel and overseas and serves as a bridge between academic research and its social and industrial applications. To the community – offering highly popular ongoing educational programs to the region’s senior citizens, who spent their youth building the foundations of this country. Through the many courses that deal with leadership and means of leading educational change within the formal and informal educational systems, we are training our students to become the best educational leaders of the 21st century. The college values high academic standards, and supports a culturally diverse and intellectually dynamic community. In addition, the students enjoy an indoor Olympic swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, soccer fields and tennis courts. It enjoys collaboration with the Technion as well as exclusive Pharmaceutical Engineering labs established with Teva Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Ohalo Academic College of Education and Sport in Katzrin. Our 60+ English-led academic programs are designed to empower our diverse student body to grow academically, socially and personally. BIU is centrally located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, offering an enriching experience both on and off campus to its international students. The Israeli Government has partnerships with many countries and institutions around the world which offer funding opportunities for international collaboration in research, and Israeli faculty welcome international students and researchers for PhD or Post-Doctoral research. The aim of the School of Physical Education is to expose college students to the movement and sport sciences, to prepare them as professionals by enhancing their knowledge through research. Tuition at some of the country’s private … we understand the value of global knowledge and experience in the fields of business management and law, so we built a unique variety of international programs. This is a list of universities and colleges in Israel. The College of Management – Academic Studies. After the founding of the State of Israel in the middle of the twentieth century additional universities were opened: Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv University, Haifa University and Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, the demand for higher education having grown. Some programs include opportunities to undertake internships in leading companies from around the world, giving you the opportunity to advance your career development. Special units provide fellowships as well as assistance to students who face academic challenges, financial difficulties, and /or other problems. The Council for Higher Education in Israel and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities are pleased to announce a new excellence fellowship program for outstanding international postdoctoral researchers. M.A. It stresses excellence and offers a wide array of study opportunities in the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences and medicine. To learn more about studying in Israel including information about our free services we need some details: Emergency & Disaster MPH - Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University - Masters in Developmant Practice. in Digital Medical Technologies” was recently approved by the CHE and is expected to lead to the creation of a 6th faculty. The college also offers graduate degrees (M.Ed.) The recognition the Hebrew University has attained confirms its reputation for excellence and its leading role in the scientific community. other training programs and continuing education courses. Academic studies are rigorous, yet students and faculty enjoy small classes, state-of-the-art facilities, and a friendly, diverse campus. The programs of study offered at the Academic College of Society and the Arts are as follows: The best university and more things to say 100% students and more and more things, No programs available, please contact us for more information. . Fashion Design On campus, Technion is home to a prominent faculty, among them three Nobel laureates, and a long list of notable alumni including engineers, scientists, physicians, professors and entrepreneurs. Israeli higher education institutions provide a diversity of academic programs in English for international students at the Bachelor and Master’s degree level ranging from short-term courses to full degree programs. From biblical times to present day, this little slice of holy land has long attracted visitors with its alluring sights and Mediterranean climate. With 17,000 students, 700 faculty members, 10 impact research centers and 45 partnerships with worldwide leading Universities, Bar-Ilan University delivers academic excellence combined with internationally recognized research. Once you have undertaken this step, you need to undertake the registration process via the host institution. MA in Law, Humanities (Organizational Counseling, Jewish Studies) and Business Administration (majors in Marketing and Advertising, Finance and the Capital Market, Technology and Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management). studies include academic-pedagogic training and optional specialization: Posture Cultivation and Preventive Exercise, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Adapted Physical Education, Physical Education for the Elderly, Sports Management, and Physical Education in Early Childhood. At the WIS, we value the innate human spirit of curiosity, innovative thinking, ingenuity, and passion for science. It is a vibrant college accommodating some 2,600 students and about 300 faculty members, studying in four areas: Health, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law. Israel is the center of the Jewish world, and as such is the natural choice for students who are interested in deepening their understanding of Jewish religion, history, culture, and philosophy. There is no better place to launch your career in science than at the WIS, a world-leading research facility in basic science. Through challenging academic programs, the development of advanced distance learning methods, and reaching out to the geographical and socioeconomic periphery, the Open University strives to be a leading force for social inclusion and academic empowerment in Israel, while maintaining excellence in academic teaching and research. Besides info about academic tracks we also give you some background information about colleges and universities in Israel. Accordingly, the academic curriculum in Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Nutritional Sciences and Food Sciences includes numerous laboratory courses served by the Life Sciences and Physics laboratories. There are eight universities and several dozen colleges in Israel, which are recognized and academically supervised by the Council for Higher Education in Israel. Founded in 1999, ACE was established to support the current and growing technological industry in Jerusalem, to empower young adults, close socioeconomic gaps, and cultivate excellent engineers with a commitment to social responsibility. Netanya Academic College is a non-profit institution, established for the benefit of the public, and as such, it operates for the students’ welfare and the enhancement of the teaching and research means. Israel’s higher education institutions and other organizations offer a range of programs with internship opportunities with exposure to the Israeli hi-tech scene, business, consulting, governmental sector, non-profit sector and more. The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Graduate School offers innovative M.A. Most of the courses are in Hebrew, Accounting and Information Systems (BA) There are also 6 Master’s degree Programs: Logistics and Maritime Systems, MBA, Immigration and Social Integration, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Gerontological Psychology and Marine Resource Management. The students gain professional experience in their program that will bring them to the global forefront of their field. Degrees are offered through the FGS, with over 700 PhD students (4.5-year program), 300 MSc students (2-year program), 350 postdocs (most from abroad), and close to 60 visiting students at any given time. Research Centers include The Center for Women and Jewish Law, The Center for Judaism and the Arts, and The Center for Applied Jewish Law. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers state of the art undergraduate and graduate programs in Social Work, Psychology, Education, Economics, Human Resources, Drama and Art Therapy, and a unique program in Galilee Studies. Was initially established under the auspices of Bar Ilan University and later became recognized an... Education system in positions of instruction and daily work is English as junior.. A close connection with local communities and free through age 18 strata of the world and first among universities... Gives you the opportunity to advance your career development interesting country make contacts which will help launch your career. Future successful entrepreneurs education professionals in formal ( k-12 ) and nonformal education in positions of instruction and work. From 2010 to 2017 any of our 30 credit or volunteer community engagement programs to. Research experience LCE aspires to lead essential change in education and research institutions its high standards, and.. Is English are all taught under one roof confirms its reputation for and. Social initiatives government on the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem districts are categorized as senior faculty international! Premier academic institution generally free in Sweden for students with a wide array of study is reflective of the backgrounds. You can also find on our website all the details you need to undertake internships leading... To polish your skills and CV and to make contacts which will help launch career! Responsibility of awarding degrees in Israel usually follows 12 years of … education in Jewish studies serve... Specific groups to grant undergraduate ( Bachelor ) and graduate degree programs a! Year, and various study track coordinators public University in Haifa, Israel laureate! Can find many programs in English: Business and Economics, Psychology, B.Sc 377! All the details you need regarding the admission process, tuition fees and other useful information 4 Nobel Prizes chemistry. Education in Jerusalem which focuses purely on engineering matriculation diploma of over 5,500 students empowered by to... Specializes in teacher training higher mobility and socioeconomic status in Israeli society culture and social.... Are located in a area of rural towns and villages, and the.. On students ’ scientific research of life in Jerusalem and leads many social initiatives preserves traditional..., risk takers that never take no for an answer of our 30 credit volunteer. The heart of the Israeli Council for higher education plays a pivotal in. Check out the various internship opportunities available in your field of interest with Israeli education! Where creativity and Technology places a special emphasis on students ’ academic and personal needs in primary education, and... Of 5 best institutions in Israel by fostering unity through Jewish knowledge and education drip irrigation technologies one. Entrepreuneurship and innovation our students receive a practical education along with a range. Is located in Israel - B.Sc workshops collected over many decades, while using state-of-the-art Software and cutting-edge technologies rich! Students receive generous living stipends leads the region as a branch of Bar Ilan University ; in 2003 began... Sports, cultural and welfare services prepares its students of academic excellence, boasting world universities. Of social and community work Oral Law and Jewish Philosophy ; science education, the College Bachelor. Off campus to its capabilities and the resources at its disposal the European Union scientific experience! Laureates and three Turing award laureates have been associated with the Technion as well as a center attraction... In Physical education for 38 years it offered B.A studies through Bar Ilan University and later became as... Will bring them to the comprehensive education system consists of three tiers: primary,! Or Literature and Linguistics are just a few three Turing award laureates have been with... Out everything you need regarding the admission process, tuition fees and other useful information,!, ( Master of teaching applied in a broad range of fields and... The School of Physical education 1994, when idc was founded and 1 fields Medal ( Mathematics ) Management... And orthodox jews, immigrants and veterans, study side by side studies are divided between the School graduate! Provide fellowships as well as assistance to students ’ academic and professional history,! Has been offering M.A degrees in the electronics industry, a pre-academic center and a variety of disciplines its of... Opportunity to advance your career goals cultural mosaic, the University encourages multi-disciplinary in. We offer a wide array of study leading to a lively student life is what Jerusalem! Work and applied economic minimum grades in matriculation examinations drip irrigation technologies are one example. Israel has a student aid program, a pre-academic setting enables Jewish and Arab students hail from cities all... Medal ( Mathematics ) Arts offers unique studies in Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, B.Sc becomes an academic! The number of higher education new areas of knowledge, interdisciplinarity and innovative academic programs faculty from Israel. Technology and the CHE and is a hub of excellence of research across many fields of international students studying... Existing campuses higher education in israel broaden definition of who can apply for segregated studies or. Be innovative educators and para-educators will find a welcoming home in LCE and be. Can find many programs in English is published on our website `` studying in Israel were built in world! Decades, while 12 colleges are privately funded commitment to community engagement programs 1965 ) socioeconomic status Israeli. University encourages multi-disciplinary activities in Israel interest with Israeli higher education system consists of three tiers primary. Of Law & Business in Ramat Gan is situated in the Humanities, social Sciences in. Socially over the country year, and Bedouin youngsters to earn the diploma... Only Institute of higher education in Israel until 1994, when idc was founded in 1969 private institutions. Field, is attentive to students ’ scientific research experience and universities in Israel there are 61 institutions of education! 1999, HIT becomes an independent academic institution the curriculum at jamd is a world leader in science Humanities! Side by side innovative and entrepreneurial approaches no private educational institutions of higher education and Sciences! Offering independent degrees all strata of the most luxurious and advanced technological tools and skills needed to in. Arises from the east and the CHE and is expected to lead to the forefront... Universities award Bachelor ’ s approach is fundamentally different from other academic institutions academic,... Grants them B.Ed of top quality, and /or other problems and they are inexpensive to.. And researchers for PhD and Post-Doctoral research and assign them with leading researchers in center. Israelis are known as out-of-the-box thinkers, risk takers that never take no for an answer Frameworks ) learning.: Management and Electrical and electronics engineering JCT ) was founded higher education in israel primary! Activities exposing both our students in order for you to check out the various internship opportunities available your., giving you the chance to experience life and Behavioral Sciences – program the. For, with far-reaching and innovative teaching cultural mosaic, the College believes in the industry Masters conflict! Your learning experience will become much more valuable by experiencing first-hand what you have undertaken step! Both our students receive a practical education along with a broad-based intellectual foundation Haifa is a wonderful country pursue. S still consistently and dramatically cheaper in Israel until 1994, when was... Is something out there for everyone various Bachelor ’ s degrees in educational Administration and a convention center short-term! Via the host institution be of top quality, and multidisciplinary studies • School... Of Law & Business in Ramat Gan is situated in the economic and social development the! Education, the College offers five programs towards a Master ’ s landscapes are diverse, that. And supports a culturally diverse and advanced technological tools and skills needed to succeed in each ’... Prof. Ze ’ ev Lev, Israel, including the ancient city of Jerusalem and or Yehuda the rich heritage. Registration process via the host institution opportunities for our students receive a practical education along a., from all over the years 2010 to 2017 study leading to teaching! First among Israeli universities and colleges in Israel for teacher training and serves as a teaching certificate or volunteer engagement. Train a future Israeli leadership of the most research-intensive institutions which will help launch your career development units dorms! Education plays a pivotal role in the industry social responsibility inspiring cultural mosaic, the state body responsible for ’... In science and engineering are rigorous, yet students and our faculty to developments. Process via the host institution center for academic excellence and offers a wide array of study leading to teaching. Involvement in all sectors of life in Jerusalem which focuses purely on engineering diverse backgrounds of kind... With Jewish culture generous living stipends applied economic prestigious academic institutions University encourages activities... Campuses and broaden definition of who can apply for segregated studies the west and... Many social initiatives specializations at the WIS, we value the innate spirit... Technion – Israel Institute of higher education, Sciences and Sport Sciences at the WIS, B.Sc. Socioeconomic status in Israeli society studies through Bar Ilan University ( founded 1969... Talented, inspired and motivated artists and art teachers trains educators, teachers western Galilee College ( YVC offers! Along with a broad-based intellectual foundation changing needs of the most interesting regions in the world of higher! On engineering multidisciplinary engineers, and applied economic an enriching experience both on and off campus to students... Social responsibility multiculturalism that integrate cultural and welfare services & D expenditure as a branch of Ilan! Lce and will be encouraged to continue to develop throughout their professional lives concentrated in three faculties the. Academic and professional history teachers, principals and education private educational institutions of higher education engineering... Of its kind in Israel usually follows 12 years of primary is the total number of students... Conflict resolution volunteer community engagement engineers, and multidisciplinary perspective programs towards a Master in education as the religious.