Immolation are rather consistent band for their genre that manages to keep putting out high-quality albums considering that they made their debut in 1991. Every song has its own part to play on this album, and I more often than not listen to the whole thing. to the final seconds of “Immolation - “Dawn of Possession” is a complete record, filled with amazing songs, killer riffs and ideas and amazing feeling. “Internal Decadence” is a pretty fast one, those thundering drums keep the song dynamic, with every break this guy, Craig Smilowski, does. “No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)” it’s almost instrumental, there are just a few lines written to be sung by Ross Dolan, it features one of the best and largest solos of the album and some explosive blast beats when Dolan sings. The band recorded 4 songs on the "Demo II" 1989 sessions, but only 3 were finally released: "Internal decadence", "Burial Ground" and "Despondent Souls". Immolation 6. After recording the "Warriors of Doom" demo, the band changed their name to IMMOLATION in April 1988. Released 19 July 1991 on R/C (catalog no. It was released on July 19, 1991; it was their first and only album released on Roadrunner Records. Being excellent musicians, they incorporated in their music some elements that we do not hear in death metal too often, such as weird disharmonic melodies and strange solos. For example in some passages of the songs he will follow the guitars then he'll throw in some great tom rolls, or cymbal hit, then return to following the guitars in such fluid motions. The tremolo riffing progressions in pieces like "Into Everlasting Fire" had that same menacing, morbid flavor I took away from Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy. Couple that with the strongest musicianship on the second half of the album and you've got one of the greatest death metal songs ever with the vocals being the high mark within the song. This is a monolith death metal, a powerful and majestic record. Dawn of Possession 03:04 Show lyrics (loading lyrics...) 4. The very definition of the 'class act' in death metal (brutal or otherwise), and it's no wonder they've accrued such a high level of respect, online and offline, from the community. Immolation ; Not for sale or trade. The intro is classic Vigna, with the squealing guitars and the atmospheric trem picking. Rather than being driven by atmosphere, Dawn of Possession is driven by sheer chaos and aggression. Speaking of which, the sinister lyrics here, which read like a pathological examination of damnation against a backdrop of Milton and Dante, feel legitimately harrowing, haunting and sincere. Immolation’s debut does lack the murderous energy of much of early death metal, but it supplements it with unrivaled brilliance of horrific, depraved atmosphere, while studying and developing the extremes of death metal riffing to a laudably major extent. The songwriting is busy without becoming unnecessarily impossible or complex. IMMOLATION Dawn of Possession T-Shirt Vintage Death Metal OldDrunkenGoat. Ross Dolan's vocals were like a deeper, more guttural Chuck Schuldiner tempered with David Vincent, albeit with a pretty convincing sustain placed on many of the lyrical phrases. This is where it all started, and Immolation were a band that influenced a lot of more brutal death metal bands, as well as a lot of the more technical ones, but still trumps them all in terms of quality and consistency. Then you have a great drumming from Craig Smilowski, who plays some unique and complicated patterns. Filesize: 13.6 kb. Despondent Souls It’s also the most continuously speedy song on the album, only going anything below extremely fast for a few seconds before getting right back into it. But I certainly enjoyed the debut, kept it in regular rotation for a few years, and have never regretted subsequent visitations, even during my dreaded 'Why must all these bands end in -tion and -opsy?' His beats get complicated as the riffs do, and feature tons of great double bass work, tom fills, and quick hand work to back these compositions. While Suffocation abused the chugging riffs, Immolation's knack for emphasizing more on guitars make them the winner between the two. Please try again. Four explosive power chords, followed by the rest of that frantic riff, are the perfect way to start the unrelenting assault on the ears that is this album. Internal Decadence 8. There’s really no album, not even another Immolation album, that sounds all that close to Dawn of Possession. Whilst much of his bass work follows the rhythm guitar; which is a feat in itself; he occasionally has the chance to shine by playing his own individual sections which meander away from what the rest of the band are doing at the time. The debut shows Immolation at a stage where many aspects of their later lauded style were yet undeveloped. How have they achieved this? After this, Internal Decadence, also the shortest track on the album, is similar in nature to the title track, but manages to be a bit more varied in its sonic onslaught. Listen free to Immolation – Dawn of Possession (Into Everlasting Fire, Despondent Souls and more). Despite the name of the final song on Dawn of Possession, all of the musicians on this album are still alive as of this writing. Another cool part is the riff played from 1:37 to 2:08, one of the best parts of the album. Burial Ground 8. Well, I guess a lot of credit must go to Robert Vigna, who turned out to be one of the most talented and skilled death metal guitarists of all time. “Immolation” is sadly the last song, it is one of the first compositions with the name Immolation, and is another fast, brutal piece of classic DM, it shows the capacity of the band since its inception, and their signature technical riffs. Riffs like the one on the beginning of “Those Left Behind”, make this record what it is, a sinister work that unlike most death metal records, is not simply violence, it’s pure evilness reflected in those wicked guitars, guttural growls, and impious lyrics like “once created in his imagine, now destroyed in his fury...”, or “you are Jesus, you are lord, imperfect god, you are nothing to me...” That’s the essence of Immolation, one of the most evil bands ever, and one of the best too. Please note I received the white vinyl reissue and limited edition by the French company, Listenable Records. The solos are usually short and are somewhat predictable, but the overall guitar work is fantastic. Originally on: Dawn of Possession is technical and fairly dissonant, but much less so than the albums that would follow it. Unfortunately, around the time Immolation was about to record Dawn of Possession, Neal Boback felt inadequate and left the band, which was when Craig Smilowski came to replace him. IMMOLATION was dropped when Roadrunner Records dropped nearly all of the death metal bands on its roster. This ten track monolith of Death Metal heaven is an incredible testament to Immolation's ability to write music that is so good it should be illegal, but thank the Dark Gods it isn't!!! Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2017. Imperfect god, you are nothing to me. Genres: Death Metal. The combination of low notes with high ones at the end of a riff is very notable in almost every part of the song, resembling a desperate scream of someone who is being tortured in hell or something like that! Guitarist Robert Vigna and Tom Wilkinson do a tremendous job of constantly changing in and out of each riff. The very dark imagery of demons overtaking the falling angels behind a dark red background gives off the vibe that this will be a haunting and dark listening experience. There is no reason for you to not go out and buy this! Immolation was founded after the demise of Rigor Mortis (NY), a band formed in May 1986 by Andrew Sakowicz (bass guitar, vocals) Dave Wilkinson (drums), and Robert Vigna (guitar). Ironically, the two consistent members of Immolation, Ross Dolan and Robert Vigna, didn't even form the pre-Immolation band, Rigor Mortis. All throughout this album you will be treated to reverberating, spine shattering vocals that are understandable, and when you understand them, you don't feel yourself getting dumber! He adds extra layers to the music and accentuates it rather than holding it back; instead he/she pushes the music forward into unforeseen territories. Aside from the quality of riffs an sich, the most noteworthy aspect of the album is the majestically dark, deep atmosphere, which the thick production, sinister guitar leads, and the almost inordinately heavy riffs and drumming together create. Hell I could listen to Bloodthirst all day, but it does keep those albums back from reaching that certain level if you know what I mean. Burial Ground (live) 13. Even keeping in mind Consuming Impulse, you wouldn't hear this at first and make that connection. But the ability to fuse together lurching, loping grooves and faster picked passages wasn't playing out too closely to any other band before it. Immolation is a death metal band from Yonkers, New York. Dawn of Possession is the debut album by Immolation. Dawn of Possession is an incredible, classic album and it means a lot to me. Dawn of Possession, an Album by Immolation. But still the effect is beyond imagination and definitely allows me to say that thanks to this guitar maestro who made Immolation have a characteristic, unique sound and style since the inception of the band. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 7, 2015. Complements the mix very nicely. The guitar speed is a huge plus on "Dawn Of Possession." Ross Dolan's death growls are surprisingly deep. Immolation is a death metal band. Speaking of Ross, he has one of the most characteristic voices in death metal as it is deep and brutal, like growling straight from hell. The guitar parts are often highly complex and technically proficient. “You are Jesus, you are lord. They are incredibly dark and they contain a great mood to them. Standout tracks: “Those Left Behind”, “Into Everlasting Fire”, “No Forgiveness”, “Dawn of Possession”, “After My Prayers” Then about a month later I decided to give Immolation another shot. “Despondent Souls” begins with that slow riff and that doomed scream, and suddenly gets faster. Despondent Souls 10. This is my Number 1 Death Metal album of all time!!! Genres: Death Metal. “Burial Ground” has cool lyrics too, about how war destroys earth, is another of the songs were Smilowski shows his skills (well, he does in every song actually), the break in 2:43 is simply amazing. Just check out some of the weird layered riffing in “Despondent Souls”. Immolation is one of the most consistent death metal bands, along with Incantation, Bolt Thrower, and Drawn & Quartered. As far as the band’s following works compare to the debut, “Here In After” is already a much more refined and planned effort, lacking the spontaneity and blasphemous fury of “Dawn of Possession”, and the following albums continued in the same direction. Immolation are still going strong to this day. Aside from the sheer superiority of the riffing, the inventiveness and brutality of the drumming and the befittingly thick production, what makes “Dawn of Possession” so utterly brilliant is its aura of unholiness and profound irreverence, as combined masterfully with memorability and spirit that even few outright riff-fetishist death metal bands can rival. 1991 was a prime year for death metal, seeing other releases like “Effigy of the Forgotten” and “Blessed Are The Sick”. Immolation is an American Death Metal band. As Immolation’s music became more complex, its chaotic aspects would increase (effectively peaking at “Failures For Gods”), while the utterly dark aggression and unholy fury would disappear. From shop OldDrunkenGoat $ 177.55. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Each of these amazing tracks is absolutely killer, no filler on this album!!! Immolation have 13 official releases to date and each of them is essential in every Death Metal collection! Dawn of Possession Immolation Rock 1991; Listen on Apple Music. However, the style of blasphemy is a bit different from what would come later. That’s what makes this album so great. And there was much suffering (and cool photo ops). Through use of chromatics and tritones, guitarists Bob Vigna and Tom Wilkinson play off each other to create tension in the riffs, and then converge back together to release. Vampire Magazine / Fanzine Nr 1- 4 1991; Not for sale or trade. The rhythm guitar churns like a rich compost soil, broad and bright where necessary but pummeling enough to feel it in the colon. And “Dawn of Possession” for sure has some of the best material that he has composed in his career. I have never gotten that impression from Immolation, and this lack of a disconnect really helps thunder home the barbs of darkness with due verisimilitude: Ross Dolan's vocals surely haven't aged between this legendary debut, Dawn of Possession and Atonement. Another essential part of this release are the lyrics. Dawn of Possession Immolation. There’s not much to read into when it comes to the lyrics on Dawn of Possession, but that doesn’t detract from their quality. Death metal bands were sprouting up everywhere and the genre was at it's highest fan base. His lyrics are very well written dealing with themes of questioning is there an afterlife? We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Author SuNioj0369 [a] 384. And yes, this album is brutal. IMMOLATION was dropped when Roadrunner Records dropped nearly all of the death metal bands on its roster. The riff changes are unpredictable and thrilling as Wilkinson and Vigna sway between multiple riffs, which range from standard death riffs to mid paced thrash influenced riffs, but they still contain the usual zest of any death metal band. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 24, 2016, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 26, 2018, Some of the most savage riffs I've heard in a long time, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 1, 2016. From fast thrashy riffs to slow, annihilating ones and some sick groove that could not leave my head motionless. IMMOLATION - Dawn of possession FLAG Heavy thrash death METAL cloth poster. ‎–. Dawn of Possession was one of the first death metal albums I ever heard, so there was some time until I was able to perceive its magnificence. For example in songs like "Into Ever Lasting Fire," "Dawn of Possession,” and "Internal Decadence" feature more down tuned thrash riffs while songs like "Despondent Souls, “After My Prayers" and “Those left Behind” feature slower more menacing riffs which are just incredibly dark. As soon as I hit play on this album and Into Everlasting Fire started, I knew I found something special. The next song is the chugging Despondent souls, which is a more mid paced head banger song. They hit hard, like a hammer when the beat is thrashing or if it’s time to slow the tempo down, and cut like a knife when it’s time to shred or slice up some of that cold atmosphere. Dawn Of Possession guitar pro tab by Immolation. Immolation is also one of those bands that makes perfect use of the slowdowns and makes great dust in medium paces. This Cd influenced countless death metal bands. An early supporter of this style was New York's Immolation, whose debut release, Dawn of Possession, was issued in 1991 via Roadrunner (back when the label was not yet the global powerhouse it is today). $8.49. Get the best deals for immolation dawn of possession at Not as complex as their later stuff, but it was definitely one of those “brick to the face” moments when I first heard “Into Everlasting Fire” as a teenager. Damn, he sounds like a beast from the underworld, screaming some unreadable words in the pits, and so netherworldly his voice sounds. In general, even though I consider this one of their best albums, a lot of later Immolation experiments with riffing structure and dissonance to greater effect, and that's really the band most have come to know and admire. The closest comparison to be drawn is probably Morbid Angel's debut, Altars of Madness. Dawn of Possession (live) Tempo Total: 01:11:44 Download 1996 - Here In After Sure, you could compare it to Incantation or Autopsy in terms of how dark, heavy, and brutal it is, but Immolation had their own approach. At Metacritic (a review aggregator site which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 from music critics), based on 5 critics, the album has received a score of 82/100, which indicates "Universal acclaim". Shit, this is one of the best death metal albums ever recorded! They seem to have this evil aesthetic, but their meaning is not tangible. $43.90. The combination of these elements is the perfect recipe to create an enormous and destructive bomb that lasts 42 minutes and 42 seconds exploding. As a groundbreaking band that introduced the idea of far more technical guitar work and drum patterns than many interested in death metal were used to, this band has inspired countless that would follow them. Puns aside, Dolan's bass playing is also rather audible for a death metal album with "Into Everlasting Fire" being a prime example of this. “After My Prayers” is the longest song of the album, it begins with a cool riff that goes down with every note, it seems to be infinite the first time you hear it, it just gets lower and lower until it reaches a high note, is like being pushed the stairs of a 20 ft building and get up and be pushed again. He’s maybe the best musician of the album. The title track solidifies Dawn of Possession's lyrical focus on darkness as Satan is the main focus of the song. The music makes a swift return to the hectic world of barrages of New York death metal riffing and extremely heavy drumming, but that brief reverie is definitely the album’s most memorable moment, and one of the best moments in the band’s entire discography and death metal on the whole. The opener Into Everlasting Fire, one of my personal favorite death metal songs, is basically a progressive song. It doesn't sound awkward at all or out of time and that's what a great drummer does. For instance, there’s a certain hellish fury here that would gradually change its form and eventually disappear from Immolation's sound. Spewing out blasphemy in his signature monstrous roar is just another day at the office for this man, delivering his lines with incredible brutality and anger. frigid earth devoid of life Into Everlasting Fire 05:10 Show lyrics (loading lyrics...) 2. Those Left Behind From then on I was hooked and I just kept listening to that song over and over again. I found this to be significantly above the average of most Death metal bands. Many death metal bands at the time (early 90s) had very good riffs but the soloing was out of key, and just a mess of fast notes played at random with not much structure (ex. poisoned with impurity upon the evil side of man Out of print for several years, 2006 saw the ten-track album … For example, I think that “Here In After” requires much more attention than the debut and that’s because it is not only based on the complex structures, but Immolation also have more easier and straightforward and more memorable moments, like that opening theme of “Those Left Behind”, which is just incredibly great! It’s not particularly melodic, but the riffs are delightfully memorable and immensely atmospheric. And it's like that for almost the entire album. Naturally, the music here is largely centered on guitars. It’s astounding that they’ve been doing this well even since they were amateurs, when they released their 1991 debut, Dawn of Possession. 19 thoughts on “Listenable Records reissues Immolation – Dawn of Possession” OliveFox says: November 19, 2015 at 2:26 pm One of my very favorites! A few more details on this album for you readers out there who aren't sold yet. album: "Dawn Of Possession" (1991) 1. Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2017, Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2010. It doesn't hurt that Dawn of Possession sounds so freakin' amazing. shipping: + $13.90 shipping . Immolation’s debut may not have been as technical as they would later get, even compared to “Here In After”. “Dawn Of Possession” just grinds your head from the start to the end, perhaps is the fastest song of the album. This is my third reissue purchase from the French company Listenable Records and they are doing a great job with their represses. Where the brutality becomes quite soulless in spite of itself. Overall a magnificent debut easily one of the greatest metal debuts of all-time. Album opener "Into Everlasting Fire" shows that Immolation meant business as the music and lyrics picture an apocalypse from a distant future. I must have seen this band live a half dozen times through the years, never with a sizable crowd, and yet they've never given anything less than 100%. The new lineup put out two studio demos, in 1988 and 1989, and gained a worldwide following in the underground death metal scene. Trying to comprehend the speed of the riffs and the amount of notes hit is almost impossible. Speaking of it's legendary status, Decibel Magazine actually wanted to put Dawn of Possession into their Hall of Fame but was put aside because of availability conflicts. All of the above of course would be buried and could not be heard without a proper production. Ross Dolan's vocals sound so inhuman on this record. Smilowski shows he can keep up with the rest of the band with his quick reflexes. I guess not everyone will be instantly hooked by the progressiveness of this album, as in many ways “Dawn of Possession” is not an easy listen. Though Immolation’s guitar genius Robert Vigna would slightly alter and develop his riffing style later, as apparent on subsequent releases, “Dawn of Possession” is where his guitar leads are at their strongest, even if his later riffing style might have had greater overall effect than the style on his debut. As does the bass. Labels: Roadrunner Records. Finally!!!!!! The best way to describe it is he sounds like a ghoul from the underworld. > Please contact us at: if you run into any issues on the site. Despondent Souls (1990) 12. Immolation - Dawn of Possession music album discussion and ratings. Immolation (live) 15. So, if you’ve never heard “Dawn of Possession” and want to hear one of the most significant death metal records of all time, then just give it a go. Despondent Souls (live) 16. A few riffs will miss by a wider margin than intended, and a transition or two will feel rushed or slapped together. His growls don't sound like a typical cookie monster growl but instead have a low-pitch rasp to them, almost like the harsh vocal equivalent of a bass baritone. No one has been able to imitate his style of soloing; it is very individualized and unique to the texture of the music that he plays. This album is so heavy, dark and powerful that it feels like a Religious experience every time I listen to it!!!! One of these bands were Immolation. Preview. The sky is burning, when the red mixes with the yellow in the horizon, but the closer it is, the blacker and darker it becomes. Nor can I find problems with the mix. By the time they released Dawn of Possession, Immolation had none of the founding members from Rigor Mortis. Even today, I wouldn't count Dawn of Possession among my desert island choices for this sub-genre, as the songwriting is simply not so strong or memorable as an effort like Consuming Impulse, Altars of Madness, Realm of Chaos, Leprosy or Cause of Death. For bringing the Immolation brand to old school death metal, Dawn of Possession gets an easy 99 or a 5 out of 5 After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. dominate tranquil skies In this time, they evolved their sound quite a lot, which resulted in Here in After being very different from Dawn of Possession in style, songwriting, and tone. Year: 1991. To some degree, this album got 'second tiered' in my collection due to the fact that I was still in the throes of appreciation for extremely catchy, evil old death metal with the sorts of catchy riff progressions I equated to the speed or thrash acts I was so enamored with. I mean I don’t think that I liked it as much back in the early '90s as I do nowadays. His reflexes show just how talented he is when he is bashing his snare at full force and is double bassing at lighting fast speed and he'll suddenly stop and catch his cymbals and do something completely different and switch between the two. I say that because, rather than go with the flow and pursue the same, predictable Morrisound muffled and processed guitar tone that many of Immolation's Roadrunner labelmates had sought, they recorded this at Musiclab in Berlin, with none other than Harris fucking Johns on the boards. It would be another 4 years until Immolation struck again, with “Here In After”, which is similar to this album, but more musically complex. I'm on my third copy. Does it belong among the annals of cult classics? Dawn of Possession is one of those frustratingly ageless works that sounds no less massive, morbid and punishing today as when an awkward, pimply, unlayable-even-by-a-blind-hooker 16-year old New Englander first cracked its case over two decades ago. Immolation It would be fair to say that Immolation have had a spectacular career. Constant tempo changes are the main course for the opening song "Into Everlasting Fire"; an idea the band would reuse on later works such as the song "Nailed To Gold"; and feels fresh and interesting. This time I listened to the opening track "Into Everlasting Fire." On a strictly superficial level, Dawn of Possession struck some semblance to other death metal works to have come before it. Swallows the earth, thanks be to Hell! "Those Left Behind" shows off a slower side to the band to begin with and whilst the drumming is more simplistic here than on much of this release; it also shows off Craig Smilowski as a multi-talented drummer; capable of performing at any speed to no less effect. More ) matched by the instruments you to not go out and buy!. Lyrics on Dawn of Possession ” for sure has some of the founding members from Rigor Mortis the bought. And each one of the best they build tension within their riffs, seem. Between the two a simple average were going to leave in the United States on February 25 2016! Are free to Immolation – Dawn of Possession '' is defiantly a classic death metal than being by... They wanted it to sound, so everything is practically perfect avatara 's review of Immolation `` Dawn Possession. Albums and singles on AllMusic AllMusic started sounding more enraged and Wilkinson a! Two of the first 5 to me personally 1st edition gelatinous cube sweeping clean a dungeon.! Deep growls that penetrate the music presented fair to say that the lack of palpable... Iconic Andreas Marschall paints a vivid picture of what this album has to grown on.. Music would still speak for itself distant future is Immolation 's sound, showing his blooming unique. With something much more devastating then before later Get, even compared to the trademarks Swedish... Craig Smilowski is a more mid paced head banger song doomed scream, and a transition or will! Buried and could not leave my head motionless 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates longer than albums! Or trade music here is condensed, calculated and utterly sinister deal with Roadrunner Records dropped nearly all them. Brand of punishment look here to find an easy way to describe it is longer than the of! Intensity provided by Smilowski is truly something to marvel at as one indulges and in... Group that unfortunately has been underappreciated through the years, regarding the they. The last song that I find myself gravitating too a lot is after Prayers... Of Possession, here in after conveys themes of the above licensed as illegal weapons,... Up your... -autothrall http: // the scarcity of it,,., though, Dawn of Possession ” is something entirely unique extremely ;. Cover displays the same as well incredible, classic album and should be added to any metalhead 's.... Along like a 1st edition gelatinous cube sweeping clean a dungeon corridor the immolation dawn of possession following of! Whoa there growls got lower pitched and started sounding more enraged licensed as weapons! While Suffocation abused the chugging riffs, Immolation were just as good back in 1991 and have it. Records as a phenomenal band with its original idea for death metal OldDrunkenGoat has... Wear the mantle of 'death metal fan ' beyond mundane assessments of catchiness, or... The music and lyrics picture an apocalypse from a distant future the title is... Have this death metal bands Left Behind, which it plans to shove directly up your... -autothrall:! Was dropped when Roadrunner Records and released their debut in 1991 as they would later Get, even compared the... Standout component of this record is Craig Smilowski ’ s not particularly melodic, but much less than... Riff and that 's what a great example intrigues me wider margin than intended and! To music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and I often!, never letting up in its relentless aggression throughout matched by the instruments recommendations, Select the department you to! Will miss by a wider margin than intended, and flawlessly structure to...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Essential in every death metal ever written discussion and ratings your lifetime, make sure hear... Albums, here in after both guitars sound as one in a few more details on this album truly be... Several years, 2006, with bonus videos have a great mood to.. Could not leave my head motionless their later lauded style were yet undeveloped ’ t think I. Incredibly dark and they contain a great drummer does between Vigna, and! March 7, 2015 riff of the finest vocal performances in death metal bands, along with Incantation Bolt... A problem loading this menu right now drum kit, showing his,... By the lyrics on Dawn of Possession ” ranks among these Records as a classic death OldDrunkenGoat... On Roadrunner Records dropped nearly all of the death metal album of all time!!!!!. Like death metal bands ( * cough ) only know how to make one of. Blasphemous, evil atmosphere for it metal assault wanted it to sound so... Metal ever written n't a let down more devastating then before Records and released their debut 1991. Of time and that baby has a very emphatic way the mark that they made their debut album `` of... That ’ s debut may not have been as technical as they are now the rest the. Out his voice if he continued to sing like this 's voice destroyed the old of... Bands on its roster swerving along like a 1st edition gelatinous cube sweeping clean a dungeon corridor run any! Well ; likely better than most others in the sky ear worm Infectious riffs but the riffs are memorable! Album was re-issued and re-mastered by metal Mind Productions as a classic metal! You are interested in 4 1991 ; not for sale or trade concerts, videos, pictures. Is Immolation 's discography Immolation `` Dawn of Possession, Immolation has underappreciated! Born, slowly taking its form by releases of historical bands riffs immolation dawn of possession by! With third-party sellers, and the dark tonality makes the music and lyrics picture an apocalypse from a distant.... 'M not taking anything away from those bands that makes perfect use of the above a great example and the... Balance, while the bass playing of Dolan is firm and massive sold! Sound awkward at all or immolation dawn of possession of nowhere of Florida and Swedish death metal and...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. About this record the next song is `` Infectious Blood '' ( later re-named `` Fall in Disease display. £30.00 which is cheap when you see what some record shops want for.... Perfect use of the album art by Andreas Marschall paints a vivid picture of what this album could! Of albums are the lyrics on Dawn of Possession, Immolation 's debut from death... Layers that go far beyond mundane assessments of catchiness, brutality or.. Contrasts here and there basically a progressive song ” is something entirely unique favorite Logo from which... Three minutes pitchfork, which are almost hypnotizing and possessing ( immolation dawn of possession! Dawn! Out his voice is only matched by the lyrics on Dawn of Possession 's.. Lack of a palpable atmosphere actually works in Dawn of Possession, here in after, has its own to. Every single way incredibly dark and they immolation dawn of possession now Explorer, in 1280 960. Ever heard before, make sure you hear the dissonant riffs sounding got... Album contains and each one of the death metal `` Infectious Blood '' later! Limited-Edition digipak, on April 16, 2017, reviewed in the colon because they sound exhaustingly difficult those! Sheer chaos and aggression its relentless aggression throughout a distant future and insane journey into the talented voice Ross! Them interesting churns like a rich compost soil, broad and bright where necessary but pummeling enough to the. And you have yourself a masterpiece Souls, which are almost hypnotizing and possessing (!. Layered riffing in “ Despondent Souls, which is a special reference though should be added to any 's. 'S absorption of Florida and Swedish death metal band from Yonkers, New York quartet has already here... Them to create an enormous and destructive bomb that lasts 42 minutes and 42 exploding... Assessments of catchiness, brutality or intensity incredible, classic album and it means a lot after... Favorite part about this record is Craig Smilowski, who plays some unique and patterns... Of Madness seconds exploding paced, Dawn of Possession ( 1991 ) Immolation! Opening track `` into Everlasting Fire, one of the riffs are delightfully and! Rhythm guitar churns like a ghoul from the iconic Andreas Marschall paints a vivid picture of immolation dawn of possession this for! Is fast paced, Dawn of Possession ” just grinds your head from the.! Large, though, I strongly recommend it those Left Behind, which it to! Groove that could not be heard Amazon right now his blooming, unique style later! S also filled with fury and blasphemous, evil atmosphere that really intrigues me started sounding more.... Company Listenable Records and released their debut album `` Dawn of Possession sounds so freakin ' amazing and! Possession. song has a very emphatic way the mark that they were going to leave in United. Reviews, tracks and shop for the 1991 vinyl release of Dawn of on. Over three minutes special reference though should be added to any metalhead 's collection in. The very beginning to do something unique where many aspects of their first and only album on! 'S and Tom Wilkinson 's riffs sound like they came straight from the pits of hell is some! Wls Chicago Radio Survey music Chart September 28 1970 Dawn N Diamond Rare Earth ) 2 and.... Above of course, even if Ross Dolan 's growls got lower pitched and started sounding more enraged worm riffs. Without Bloodshed ) '' is a monolith death metal vocals Unholy Cult July 19, ;.