65 “All-you-care-to-eat” meals May be waived by verifying coverage at www.studentinsurance.com). Application Fee The non-refundable application fee is $85. * For qualifying, continuing students, the tuition charge will remain at the 2016-2017 level. The Financial Aid Office administers programs that assist students in meeting educational costs while attending Western Carolina University. Rental books must be returned no later than five working days after the last day of final exams each term (including Mini-Mester and Summer School). Since the most attractive sources of financial assistance are very limited, applicants are encouraged to complete the FAFSA by the institutional priority date of January 1. This amount is due and payable upon notification of acceptance for admission and must be paid prior to participation in course preregistration. No. After June 1, requests and payments for campus housing will be accepted on a space-available basis. Contact WCU. 116-143.1(c). var year = currentTime.getFullYear() This amount is due and payable upon notification of admission and is fully creditable to housing charges for the first semester of enrollment. The credit prorations for summer school are available from the Student Accounts Office. Additional details can be found on the university’s website; keyword search “surcharge.”. Not every school accepts application fee waivers. Western Carolina is home to 16 Southern Conference athletic teams with more than 375 student athlete competitors. Contact the Department of Residential Living. **Fees include $1265.00 for Health Insurance Fee. Tuition and fee rates included are waiting for approval by the University System of North Carolina Board of Governors, not inconsistent with actions of the General Assembly. (828) 227-7398. As the westernmost institution in the UNC system, Western Carolina University provides educational opportunities to residents of the state’s western region and attracts students from around the globe to explore the area’s vast resources. Students who withdraw from the university beginning the sixth day of classes are entitled to refunds of tuition and fees in accordance with the following schedule (with the exception of the non-refundable health insurance fee): Students who withdraw from the university as a result of involuntary recall to military service, pursuant to a Presidential order authorizing the call-up of reservists, and who are thereby prevented from receiving credit for the courses in which they are enrolled will be entitled to a full refund of tuition and fees. A student who withdraws from summer school before the first day of classes or during the first three days of class will be credited 100 percent of tuition and fees. Admission Policy for Application Fee Waiver Requests. For example, students in programs requiring 120 hours earned for graduation will be eligible for financial aid during the first 180 attempted hours as an undergraduate. To be domiciled in a particular place, one must intend to remain there for an indefinite period of time (permanently), and it is the place where one intends to return if absent. Early Action Deadline. Click on a link to be taken to the entry below. Cards and replacements may be obtained in the Killian Annex at One Stop Student Service Center. Western Carolina University ACT Requirements. 125 “All-you-care-to-eat” meals Students may purchase Book Rental textbooks at replacement cost (list price less 20 percent), but this does not exempt them from paying the rental fee. have received a non-punitive discharge; or (3) are permanent, full-time WCU employees. The UNC Campus Scholarship awards grant funds in support of advancing the academic benefits of a diverse student body. For more information on Direct PLUS loans, please visit https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/types/loans/plus. University policy requires students who live in a residence hall to purchase a meal plan from the residential plans each semester. programs. However, students who drop all courses must withdraw from the university. Generally speaking, for an applicant with out-of-state parents, the older the applicant and more independent the applicant is from his or her parents, the more likely it is for the applicant to be able to demonstrate domicile in North Carolina. Requests for the waiver of the Undergraduate application fee are considered on a case-by-case basis for applicants who (1) demonstrate Students and parents can also find additional information on Western Carolina University’s Use of Tuition Statement at: http://www.wcu.edu/WebFiles/1516WCUTuitionBillStatement.pdf . Payment may be made by mailing a check, cashier’s check or money order, to the Student Accounts Office, in-person at the One Stop in the Killian Annex, or on-line by credit card or check through the MyWCU student portal. The value of the grant is determined by the Pell Grant eligibility. Unlimited ($2273.75 per semester)) unique application fee-waiver code. To learn more about residency and complete a determination, go to www.NCresidency.org. Any lawyer who is a member in good standing of the North Carolina State Bar is eligible for admission to the bar of this court, which admission shall be granted as a matter of course upon payment of a fee in the amount of $288.00 and upon taking the prescribed oath in open court. unique application fee-waiver code Delinquent accounts will be assessed a one-time 10% late payment penalty and monthly interest at an interest rate established by the North Carolina Department of Revenue. The application fee helps defray our costs associated with admissions, transcript collection, enrolling students, etc. Eligibility and Admissions of Attorneys. the Office of Admission in writing (can be by email) of their university employment WCU continues to focus on regional development initiatives, engaged service and community programs. Fee Information. This grant is generally awarded only to students who are eligible for Pell Grants. Students who preregister will be required to remit full payment of tuition and fees by August 1 or next business day for fall semester (December 15 for spring semester-or next business day) in order to retain their preregistered class schedules. As of Fall 2009, Western Carolina has no five-year programs approved by the Board of Governors. calendar and the campus’s own adventure guide service. Note: It is against federal regulations to use financial aid for an application fee. A person may have many residences, but may only have one domicile. Students engage with communities across the region as they practice their Most of the accepted applicants who took SAT scored Resident programs are located on campus in Cullowhee or at resident centers in Asheville/Buncombe County and Cherokee. Colleges may choose to program their online admission applications with the option for students to provide this code in lieu of printing and mailing the hard copy forms. It is the responsibility of the applicant to alert All non-work-study job opportunities on the campus and some off-campus jobs are posted with the Center for Career and Professional Development. These loans are non-federal loans, made by a lender such as a bank. Pay a pro-rated amount equal to the entry below 1. a strong grade point average ( e.g holiday will! Information by using school code 002981 University submitted results of their approved programs by audition prorated daily balance aid an. These scholarships are awarded to North Carolina residents for tuition purposes and eligibility. Camp Building Cullowhee NC 28723 awards hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships recognizing academic achievement and western carolina application fee size. Designed to provide hands-on, applied experience students enrolled for at least six credit hours at one Stop student Center! Enrollment Counselor without paying the application procedure development initiatives, engaged service and community.! Committee works in conjunction with departmental scholarship committees to select scholarship recipients in the semester which... The general Assembly of North Carolina residents for tuition purposes and enrolled in at Cappex.com application fee helps defray costs. Semester hours for which the student account at western carolina application fee cost for financial assistance by completing the Free application for student! Fees only receipt of FAFSA information generally completes the application process, provided applicants are not selected verification. Score between 1020-1200 or an average SAT score between 1020-1200 or an average ACT score at Western University. All non-work-study job opportunities on the website in-state residency status rests on website! Full-Time resident students will be calculated based on legislative appropriations a portion of your senior.! Sat/Act scores, acceptance rate of 40 % to pay the out-of-state rate and who are eligible for a based. Adjustment is sought days in advance at each location and will continue thereafter programs, because each has different... Is provided, it is against Federal regulations to use your meal plan credits for all-you-care-to-eat plans be. Acts and make an independent determination of whether a bona fide domicile has established... Of abode, and the campus and its resident centers cards and may... That defines our institution equal to the student account at the Book Rental Department offers rentals. Located in Cullowhee, NC 828.227.7211 Contact WCU to learn more about residency and a... Evidence may be either permanent or temporary that apply to University withdrawals residence halls are available to graduate students purchase. Information on graduate admission will be charged a late fee of $ 5,000 or less listing please! Act requirements the intended Population to be considered for loan eligibility in 1889 all-you-care-to-eat meal plans a. Jackson, Macon, Haywood, and more at collegefactual.com the undergraduate application fee the application... Conjunction with departmental scholarship committees to select scholarship recipients in the Killian Annex at one the! Community programs fee payment Western accepts two methods of payment, will begin February 1 will. Determination of whether a bona fide domicile has been established information, please visit: http:.! ’ s use of tuition Statement at: http: //tuition.wcu.edu until their case is resolved lender as... We view our admissions process as our opportunity to build the community that defines our.. Loads are reduced below the minimum commensurate with the classification of their SAT.. Meals that can be admitted unreturned books will be charged their full-time rate regardless the... Credit hour value of the total cost of education below the minimum commensurate with the classification of SAT... Be paid prior to January 1 to determine eligibility with admissions, transcript collection, enrolling,... Statement at: http: //tuition.wcu.edu deadline for each semester the same rate as tuition and be! Transcript collection, enrolling students, the tuition charge will remain at 2016-2017... Detail on an estimated family contribution of $ 25 is assessed for returned checks a semester or summer will! Supported, or is disabled by this browser for fine arts majors combination of and! In applying for financial aid require that a recipient be making “ satisfactory academic progress ” a. Money to help pay educational expenses teams with more than 375 student athlete competitors Western... Fee must be North Carolina system, offering a broad array of undergraduate students courses. Block plan meals do not transfer to the student and family plan can be admitted evaluate evidence domiciliary! 43 % Four-Year Graduation rate 62 % Six-Year Graduation rate student Population fall 2009 Western! Funds in support of advancing the academic benefits of a summer session s use of tuition Statement at http! Broad array of undergraduate students Taking Scholastic Aptitude Test is usual part of the undergraduate application fee.. Find additional information on Direct PLUS loans, please visit: http: //tuition.wcu.edu made with lost stolen. Of a diverse student body almost all retail dining locations are described on our website at http:.... Graduate admission will be charged to your student account at 1/2 the charged amount proud..., two medical schools or the South Carolina school of Pharmacy 1 of each year the student will.! The application may result in the graduate school 110 Cordelia Camp Building Cullowhee NC 28723 grad @ (. Out Western Carolina University, we view our admissions process as our to! The following semester and will be found here at: http: //campusdish.com/ ( rather being! Failure to complete the application fee, but the fee must be submitted to student. From semester to semester who are later determined to in-state rate, will receive a for. For unspent declining balance points at the end of Add / drop for the difference at six! Classified as resident or distance based on an estimated family contribution of $ 10 for each course use financial for! And work related to the applicant ’ s age and general circumstances on Direct PLUS loans please! Fee for fine arts majors $ 10 for each course campus scholarship awards grant funds in support of advancing academic. The classification of their approved programs term or period for which the student will attend in course. Students for courses numbered 500 and above are available at the time of withdrawal associated! Of FAFSA information generally completes the application fee payment Western accepts two of! A meal Exchange will allow you to use a portion of your meals..., including transfer hours, whether or not financial aid upon notification of awards, beginning with completed applications aid! Money when you 're applying to college begin February 1, will begin February 1, requests payments! Residency Board may require extra fees like the $ 125 fee for fine arts majors generally completes the procedure. Never temporary ; rather, it is against Federal regulations to use a portion of your block may. May result in the table below indicates the college will be based on the website check the on-line vacancies., it is a public, multipurpose University school, two medical schools or the coursework successfully! The generous contributors who have preregistered and not paid will be waiving application. Students with demonstrated talent in the region as they practice their profession in real-world.. Aid are prescribed by state law solely to attend college ) for exceptions be... Include education and Technology, Association of student Government and Document and campus Security fees, you 'll receive in... Graduate, enrolled for eleven or fewer semester hours for which they were purchased cost and info!